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The Bully Culture


A Documentary About Workplace Bullying in America


Current polls show that about half of us have been bullied or witnessed bullying in the workplace at some point in our lives.  I know that I have.  


Most people agree that workplace bullying is bad.  But is legislative intervention needed or can the business community self-regulate? Currently, self-regulation doesn’t seem to be working. Workplace bullying is on the rise. 


And, Workplace bullying has costs.  


Research confirms that the stress from being the target of bullying at work harms the physical and emotional health of the target and negatively impacts their income and career paths.


Toxic workplaces are more expensive workplaces.


The bully costs the employer as well with higher turnover, more sick days, low productivity and more time and expense incurred by HR and management.  


My goal with this documentary is to shine a light on this issue to raise awareness, educate, explore opposing views, follow the legislative efforts and give voice to the targets of workplace bullying.  



Jay Fedigan








SEIU/NAGE Local 282
Board of Advisors

David Yamada

Professor of Law and founding Director of the

New Workplace Institute

at Suffolk University

Law School


Greg Sorozan 


SEIU/NAGE Local 282

Debra Falzoi 

Marketing Director for the

Massachusetts Healthy Workplace Bill



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